Sunrise & The Scallop – Aldeburgh, Suffolk, UK

Sunrise at The Scallop - Aldeburgh, Suffolk, UK

Sunrise at The Scallop

I’d been wanting to take some sunrise shots for a while but needed to find a good location.  I wanted somewhere with a natural beauty and ideally something to provide some foreground interest.  I quickly decided that the coast was an obvious choice – it’s east facing and there are plenty of piers, boulders, groynes and other structures to add to interest to the shots.  I chose Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast as the destination for this trip.  After hearing that I wanted to go to the seaside, the family were insistent that they wanted to come too, so at 6:30 am two children, one still wearing their pyjamas, and a tired wife were packed into the car and we headed off.

We arrived in good time and easily found my chosen location – the car park was right next to the beach and The Scallop could be seen from the road.  I wasn’t the only person to have this idea, another photographer was already there and it wasn’t long before we were joined by a third.  There’s a strange stillness at this time in the morning, it’s almost as though the day also struggles to get up and get going.  There were some clouds in the sky, but these were clearing fast, making space for the sun to come into view.

The Scallop - Aldeburgh, Suffolk, UK

The Scallop

As the sun came up I was able to get some good shots of the sun lighting up the clouds as the silhouette of the The Scallop looked on before changing position to get some more shots of the sunrise creeping around and peeking through the sculpture.  Once the sun had risen I tried to get a bit more artistic with The Scallop itself before walking into the main town to find a cafe for a well earned coffee and breakfast.

20151231 DSC_0222 1.jpg

Aldeburgh, Suffolk, UK

Pictures of the Scallop at Sunrise and the Aldeburgh beach.

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