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Sunset – Hunstanton, Norfolk, UK

20160116 DSC_0343When it comes to photography, living in East Anglia has some benefits – one of these is that it is one of the few regions in the UK where you can both see the sun rise and set over the sea. Having been to Aldeburgh recently to see the sun rise over the sea, I had decided that I should complete the set and try to get some shots of the sun setting over the sea.  So we decided to head over to Hunstanton, on the west coast of Norfolk to see the sun set over the wash. Continue reading »

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Light Trails – Night Time Photography

Light Trails on the A140 at Diss

Light Trails on the A140 at Diss

We’re in the middle of winter here in the UK. We’ve just passed the shortest day (8-9 hours of day light), it’s easy to make excuses to stay at home in the warm, but I have been determined to get out more with my camera.  The sun was beginning to set on this Sunday afternoon when I decided it was time to try my hand at light trails again.  I had previously tried some inner city light trails with traffic lights and lit up buses – this was good practice, but I struggled to keep the camera steady, having only taken a monopod.  I learned from this previous experience and headed out with a tripod and a remote release to a bridge over the A140 near Diss. Continue reading »

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